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We like to think of this site as friendly, local bookstore/coffee shop/yoga studio of all of our dreams–where we all get to meet each other and chat about our latest tiny house finds, our big questions, and the joys and challenges of trying to do this off-grid, off-menu life.

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15 thoughts on “start here

    1. Thanks for the well wishes Diane! Lately we’re reconsidering using dormers. We feel it might not look so great from the outside with the porch AND since we’re using the Tumbleweed trailer we’ll gain an extra 3-6 inches in the loft.

  1. I like the look of dormers best when they are inset a bit into the roof, like the Protohaus, rather than being installed flush with the outer walls.

    1. Yes! The inset dormers are a key factor to putting them onto a T.H. We didn’t realize that until we spoke to an architect who suggested putting them on the back of the house if we really wanted gabled dormers, rather than the also beautiful Protohaus-esque shed dormers.

      1. Hi Teri,
        That’s a beautiful dormer! I can’t quite picture where it would go on the Cypress? Would it be on one of the sides, or on each side? Your pinterest is lovely – I look forward to flipping through the rest of it. Warmly, Sarah

  2. Would placing dormers inset on the sides of a tiny house negatively affect the structural integrity? As opposed to placing them on the back of the house?

  3. Good to know, thanks! I think your idea to do a group build and help each other out is so amazing and fantastic… I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible. : )

  4. Hi Guys!
    I am so excited I found this site as early in the process as I have! I’m usually “late to the party” and have to spend days or weeks catching up with past events, which have often already crest the pinnacle of the adventures. This time I get to witness it all happen in real-time! Good luck to the six of you as you forge ahead in your exiting pursuits!

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