Window to our Soul-vage: Salvaging Windows

Salvaging materials to build a home, tiny or otherwise, means two things:

~Less money spent

~More time required

Is the time spent worth the money saved? Maybe. It depends on what you have more of. We are currently enjoying the search! Each find is a victory! Like treasure hunting, or geocaching.

One of the biggest expenses of building a tiny house is windows, so we decided to try to salvage most of them and what we couldn’t find, purchase new (which we didn’t have to do). The search was on!

Habitat for Humanity Re-Store windowWe needed to know what range of sizes would work for each window in the house, because we knew we wouldn’t find exactly what was called for in the plans.  Besides that we were open to some multiformity among our windows – we didn’t mind if they were different sizes as long as they didn’t look too wonky.

Show-room floor window

We started by tapping the salvage yards (Habitat for Humanity Restore in Santa Rosa and Urban Ore in Berkeley, as well as a few others where we didn’t find anything) and Craigslist for 75% of our windows, and a great door!

A-door-able!Then we took the advice of a friend and asked window shops if they had a “bone-yard” of new, overstock or wrong-sized windows. These windows are usually  payed for by a customer, then they end up not being needed, and are just stored.  All we had to do was ask!  We went to about six window stores but all of the windows they offered us were WAY too big for our house, like a pair of still-in-the-box sliding glass doors for $60 (retail = $1500), or Buy one 4’X4′ Milgard for $75 take the second one free! “They were just taking up space” was the common refrain. 

This is the first window we found on Craigslist.
This is the first window we found on Craigslist.

However, we did find four small Milgard brand windows that had sat on a showroom floor, out of the elements, and were no longer in use due to model updates.

Zoom in and check out the nice pine casing they came with!
Zoom in and check out the nice pine casing they came with!

The gentleman who showed them to us hesitated saying, “I can’t guarantee them, but I don’t see why they shouldn’t be used.” We assured him that we understood the risk, and got a great deal. 

In summary, most of our salvaged and “bone-yard” windows are so new they still have energy rating stickers on them, and we spent  under half what we would have if we’d custom ordered them.

Hindsight being 20/20, here’s what we’d do differently next time.

~Know the size ranges of the windows needed from the start, and have a to-scale model worked out (see String Theory post)

~When looking around for windows, we were glad that a friend had emphasized to us ANY moisture is a BAD THING!  When we bought windows that were used we went so far as to hose some of them down, set them in the sun for awhile to see what happened.  Outlook = Positive

~We should have started by asking local shops for surplus/boneyard windows as it proved to be less money than salvage! Though the prices were not standardized, it generally was a better deal by a lot.  Por ejemplo: $150 for a used window from Habitat for Humanity,  $100 for four brand new Milgards right out of the store.  Although going to this route increases the situation at the top of the post – a lot less money, but a lot more time.

~Tell EVERYONE we’re building a Tiny House.  It’s surprising and encouraging to receive support from strangers.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I loved reading about and seeing the collection of wonderful windows and the Hobbit door! I look forward to the next posting. Thank you

  2. I am getting such a kick reading about your adventure building your tiny house. I love all the pictures and I love reading about all your experiences. I almost feel I’m there with you! Love to both of you, Aunt Sandy

  3. This is rad, Sarah and Joseph! I like the mention of all the organizations that have and do inspire you and keep you healthy!

  4. So how are things coming along with your house? Would love some more pics. I am sooo excited for you!

    1. Hi Pamela,
      Thank you for your interest and encouragement on our build! We have been out of town for the last few weeks, but we are actually heading back to the work site today. We will be sure to update soon – with photos!
      take care,

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